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Real estate licensees in New Mexico must attend a minimum of thirty (36) classroom hours of continuing education every three (3) years, in order to renew their Qualifying Broker or Associate Broker's real estate license.

All courses, instructors and sponsoring schools must be approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission. Courses fall into one of three categories:

The "CORE" … This is a 4-hour course, presenting an overview of major areas with which a licensee should be familiar. Every licensee (see note below) must take this course, in person, during each year during their three year cycle. The "CORE" course is updated  each calendar year and has a unique name and number at the NM Real Estate Commission (eg: CORE 2017, CORE 2018).

CORE "Elective" Courses … One 4-hour Core "Elective" is required during each licensing cycle. The New Mexico Real Estate Commission maintains a list of approved Core "Elective" courses to choose from. Many of our courses are Core "Elective" courses, including "Contract Negotiations" and "Anatomy of a Purchase Contract".


Required "Ethics" Courses ... The New Mexco Real Estate Commission (NMREC) has also added the requirement that you must have one of their approved "Ethics" Courses as part of your license renewal. We have 2 courses that meet this need. "Professionalism in Real Estate" is a 4 hour course that covers NMREC's ethics mandate. Additionally, "Business Ethics in Real Estate", also a 4 hour course, covers BOTH NMREC and NAR Ethics requirments. 

"Education" CE Credits … All CE credits used for license renewal can be "Education" courses.


"Training" CE Credits ... "Training: CE credit is a classification of CE that is typically used for courses that develop the personal skills of real estate broker. Calculator usage, computer training, or development of sales skills are all examples of "Training" courses. You can check with the sponsor of a particular course to see if a course is classified as a "Training" course. You are limited to a maximum of 10 "Training" credit hours that can be used to fulfill license renewal requirements with the New Mexico Real Estate Commission. 


  • Licensees should inquire from a sponsoring school as to whether a course is approved as "Education" or "Training" for credit purposes.
  • Licensees may receive four (4) education elective credit hours during a three year cycle by attending a meeting or hearing of the NM Real Estate Commission, of a meeting of the Education Advisory Committee.
  • Licensees who were at least 65 years old and who had a minimum of twenty years' continuously licensed experience in the selling, leasing or managing of real property on or before June 30, 2011, are exempt from these continuing education requirements.
  • All Qualifying Brokers must take the Qualifying Broker Refresher Class at least once in each 3-year cycle.  There is no CE credit for this class.
Details concerning continuing education requirements may be found in the New Mexico Real Estate License Law, Chapter 61, Article 29, Section 4.1, and in Parts 13 and 15 of the New Mexico Real Estate Commission Rules and Regulations.


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